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Cauvery Madhavan, Dec 17, 2019

Sentiments behind nativity play are universal and a great life lesson.

Compassion, empathy, charity – no one faith can have an exclusive claim over these

Children, with their untutored eyes, are often the first to recognise that the sentiments behind the nativity are universal

Across the country blue sheets are being excitedly whipped off beds in the name of the Mother of God. Striped tea towels are flying off the shelves to adorn the heads of eager shepherds, and all over the nation wire-hangers are being born again as wings.

‘Tis the season for the nativity play, and we can all look back or look on to what it meant as a child or what it means as a parent – everyone of us knows the drama that is involved in this particular casting call…. Read More

Cauvery Madhavan, Oct 21, 2019

Practising yoga does not make you less Catholic.

Yoga is a physical discipline that is completely blind to religion or religious identities.

Yoga…is the very least of the huge problems of credibility that exist and are multiplying for the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Om Shanti (Peace be with you) Bishop Phonsie! It’s okay, tuck the cross back into your cassock and save the garlic for another day because, believe me, yoga comes in peace. It has no agenda, no proselytising motive for it is not a religion.

Yoga has neither an inferiority complex nor does it suffer delusions of grandeur. Yoga has no arguments with religions of any kind because it doesn’t offer itself as an alternative. Yoga just is – yoga…. Read More


True Friend

Cauvery Madhavan, Aug 6, 2019

A true friend will tell you when a sacred cow is a white elephant.

A steadfast friend is one of the best things to have and to strive to be.

“A reliable friend is a confessor of your secrets and sorrows, a concelebrant in your every joy.” Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Messiahs, deities and founders of religions have all been known to have had friendships that transformed and impacted their lives.

Jesus had John. Buddha had Ananda. The prophet Mohammed had Abu Bakr. There is a precedent here for us mere mortals. You need friends, good and true, to live your life to its fullest. So what makes a faithful friend?… Read More